Unit 9-1-1 Alumni

Meet our recent grads

Jose Phillips

Attended Evanston Township High School and plans on attending Bart College in New York.

The most memorable thing I have done while being in Sea Cadets was probably learning how to march and the marksmanship shooting. The most challenging thing while doing the marching was probably learning it in general. There are a lot of things that I needed to learn.


Braeden Wienholtz

Attended Antioch Community High School

 I like to think this is where my interest in the military came from, yearning for a close-knit community rather than an office job where you have little in common. I am very bummed out that I did not find the Sea Cadets earlier in life, not only because it helped me with military bearing but with the opportunities it gives you. Since I joined so late in highschool I have been in a rush to do as much as possible in a short amount of time. But what I have done so far has been a lot of fun.

Eric Wagner

Attended Niles West High School in Skokie, IL 

My most memorable training would be Boot Camp in 2019. I wanted to challenge myself.  I would say it's the most memorable part of the training because it really tested the levels of stress we can be under. I would recommend other cadets to do this training to progress in the program as it is the first step to being able to get to go to other trainings.


Christopher Landovsky

Attended Niles West High School in Skokie, IL and plans to go into the Navy Special Operations

My most memorable training is the active shooter training. I went into that training already knowing weapons handling and tactics through my family friend who was a swat sniper. I really enjoyed going through that training, and the most memorable thing from that training is the tactics I learned. 

Conner Harris

Attended Carmel Catholic High School in Mundelein, IL and plans to study criminology or criminal justice

One of my most memorable trainings that I participated in was a Seamanship Training on the training vessel MANATRA. The vessel is used to train Sea Cadets as well as Navy ROTC Cadets in basic seamanship skills and strategies. During the training, we traveled across Lake Michigan to Grand Haven and Muskegon. We were afforded opportunities to visit Naval Museums and underway events such as man overboard drills and search and rescues. 

Harris .png

Logan Benjamin

Attended Highland Park High School and plans to achieve a career in the United States Coast Guard.

My most memorable training would have to be recruit training. I say Recruit Training because although the country, and the Navy has endured so much during this COVID-19 Pandemic the Sea Cadets organization has continued to perservere through these difficult times. It is simply amazing to see the continued dedication, and leadership of the Sea Cadets.

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Gurnee, IL

 I met so many people that I still keep in contact with today it’s a different kind of family you form when you experience tough situations with people you didn’t know you form a kind of bond that lasts for quite a while.

Class of 2020

Cadet Schultz.jpg


Grayslake, IL

Boot camp is a memorable experience because you learn the basics to a lot of things you need to be in the navy. I would recommend going to boot camp if you want to be able to go to other training and if you want to get to know about the Navy.

Class of 2020

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Northbrook, IL

My most memorable training was the Basic Medical Training in Cambridge, Minnesota. The biggest challenge for me was the rigorous schedule since we were up early in the morning and spent the afternoons doing medical drills in the field.

Class of 2020

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Wheeling, IL

In my five years as a Sea Cadet, my favorite training was the USS Ambition, a simulated Aircraft Carrier. What made it so memorable was the fact that in my Carrier Air Group there were people from all over the country. I still talk to them to this day.

Class of 2020

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River Grove, IL

My most memorable training was the boot camp. A piece of advice my Navy veteran uncle gave me was to try to establish a friendship with your bunkmate. The training opportunities I was exposed to were invaluable.

Class of 2020