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Unit 9-1-1 Alumni

Meet our graduates

Class of 2023:

PO3 Abigail Leyden

Attended Jones College Prep High School

While in Virginia at Small Boats Training, I learned many life skills that I know I will use in my future career. I learned basic seamanship, like how to drive high-speed Navy and Coast Guard boats, dock, man lines, and use the proper terminology when working with the boats. My fellow cadets and I learned how to operate the boats self-sufficiently, doing our own boat checks upon starting our vessels, checking and filling our own gas tanks, plugging in our own shore power, and ensuring our boats would be prepared for the next day. 

2023 Graduation portraits Leyden copy.jpg
2023 Graduation portraits Proa J copy_edited.jpg

Class of 2023:

PO3 Joe Proa

Attended Grant Community High School

One of my most memorable trainings has to be my Maritime introduction training. This was the summer of 2022. This training included lots of hands-on time, assessing different levels of threats, attempting an arrest, then how to talk to others, and most importantly, I created never endings bonds.

Class of 2023:

SN Jesse Yates

Attended Parker High School

I took Field Opps Training in the Summer of 2022 with the Baton Rouge division at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. The training included marksmanship, land navigation, building clearing, room clearing, and small squad tactics. The Army lent us Miles Gear to use in our land navigation in building room clearing exercises, making the training more challenging. 

2023 Graduation portraits Yates copy_edited.jpg
Sea Cadet 9-1-1 Div Graduation HEAD.jpg

Class of 2023:

SN Douglas Head

Attended Vernon Hills High School

The Recruit Training was my most memorable training, I learned a lot about being responsible, following directions, and helping others to achieve a common team goal.  The challenge I had was not to become sick as there were many cadets with COVID symptoms.  I managed to stay healthy and graduate.  I enjoyed the companionship and company of my friends there.

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