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Unit 9-1-1 Alumni

Meet our graduates

Class of 2022:

CPO Nathan Rastovac

Attended Carmel Catholic High School

My most memorable training was staffing League Cadet Orientation. I was one of five staff cadets that taught upwards of 20 league cadets at Batavia Wisconsin. I would recommend that other cadets apply to staff or attend this training because you'll truly learn a lot. Either as a leader in teaching others and preparing them for their future sea cadet careers or as a cadet who learns about the corps and how they can become a better cadet and grow to be a future leader.

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Class of 2022:

PO2 Hugh Frampton

Attended Lake Zurich High School

My most memorable training would be my scuba diving certification training. It took place on a small 42’ ship on Lake Saint Claire. Due to the nature of swimming in the midwest, we had to endure the cold water that came with it, which forced us to be more attentive to our safety while training. 

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