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May 2022: Graduation Ceremony

May drill was about the preparation for the summer training and graduation ceremony. While the admin team was working on the summer training service jackets, cadets did the last round of the PRT make up which everyone present passed and rehearsed the ceremony.

All cadets worked hard and made our division look good!

Guest speakers attended:

Commanding Officer Navy Talent Acquisition Group Commander Sass! CAPT, USN (Ret)

William R. Radomski, U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps Commander for the North Central region Larry Sassorossi, The President of the Lake County Navy League Ted Rock, the treasurer of the Lake County Navy League Michelle Wilson , Regent, Ansel Brainerd Cook Chapter NS DAR (I have succeeded Diane Eubanks in this role) Maureen Rogers, Chairman, National Defense, Ansel Brainerd Cook Chapter NS DAR.

Certificate for 1st place in Massing of the Colors competition, put on by the Military Order of World Wars Association

SA-T Yates, Jesse

Certificate of Excellence

PO3 Rodriguez, Brenton

SA Leyden, Abigail

SA-T McGlynn, Lily

SA Genet, Nico

SA Guliyev, Asher

SA Proa, Joeseph

LC1 Obioha, Chijindu

SN Lacsi, King

Citation Ribbon

PO3 Shamray, Mykola SA-T Lacey, Euan SN Orloff, Joseph

Citation Ribbon

SLPO Burkut, Eugene


PO3 Burkut

SN Orloff

SA Proa

SA-T Proa

SA-T Yates

SLPO Burkut

Our 2022 Graduates:

SN Neil Rockey joined 9-1-1 Division at the age of 16 to learn more about the Navy traditions. He very quickly advanced to the rank of Seaman and earned an Expert Marksmanship Ribbon. He also became a Company lead in 2021.

PO2 Hugh Frampton joined 9-1-1 Division at the age of 13 to get a general idea of what military life would be like and how he would like it. As a PO2 Hugh Frampton handled various leadership positions in the unit and became Assistant Leading Petty Officer in the Fall of 2021.

CPO Nathan Rastovac joined the USNSCC in 7th grade to gain military experience. He liked the program builds leadership and character while providing military training at a young age. CPO Rastovac held various leadership roles since 2019 and became the Leading Petty Officer of the Unit in 2021. Nathan Rastovac has achieved the rank of Chief Petty Officer on January 12, 2022.

Daughters of the American Revolution Award Recipient: PO3 Burkut, Elise

PO3 Burkut has by far stood out to be the most steadfast cadet, taking on the responsibility of leading the unit virtually during every in-person drill. She has also served as the color guard commander since September and has developed a presence of demanded respect. This year she stayed on top of her coursework, had excellent attendance, and made the Petty Officer Third class. She also receives an instructor nomination for her excellence.

The Navy League of the United States (NLUS) Theodore Roosevelt Youth Award recipients:

Sea Cadet Proa, Daniel SA/AT Proa has been the first cadets to each drill and the last to leave. As a Yeoman of the unit, he comes to drill squared away, check-in the unit and report all unit activities to the CO as it pertains to attendance and finances for the day. He ensures facility cleanliness is up to par for turnover and collects all unit items to not be left behind. Over the last year, he advanced to the rank of the Petty Officer 3rd class as a league cadet before becoming a sea cadet. This cadet also has excellent attendance and always stays on top of his coursework. He also received an instructor’s nomination for his excellence.

League Cadet Emery, Thomas PO3 Emery has been a part of the unit since the fall of 2020. This year he has achieved the rank of the Petty Officer Third class as a league cadet. This cadet stays on top of his coursework and is on top of his attendance. He also completed the latest PRT with excellence.

CPO Rastovac - Meritorious and Commendation ribbons

I would also like to thank all 9-1-1 Div volunteers for the hard work

XO Jason Rodriguez

OO Annette Rodriguez

DIVO Brian Proa

INST Julie Proa

ENS Keith Yates


MEDICAL Officer Anothony Ramirez

INST Jordan Gould


Marksmanship INST Alex Burkut

ADMINS Peggy Rastovac, Holly Ard, and Susan Emery

WO Deboer, Adam


INST Julie Proa


INST Brian Dolat


OO Annette Rodriguez

MEDICAL Officer Anothony Ramirez



INST Jordan Gould

ADMINS Peggy Rastovac

DIVO Brian Proa

Have a great summer!

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