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October 2020 Drill

Another great weekend with Division Nine One One Sea Cadets and League Cadets!

Cadet engagement was transformed on Saturday when they entered the drill site in their Navy Working Uniforms (NWU). Each company started a day with a rousing Sailor's Creed and then they had an NWU uniform inspection.

Once squared away, the Cadets entered the training facility and were given an introduction to Civil Affairs, meanwhile, the Cadets had their Dress Blue uniforms inspected and new awards and rank were issued for the new year. Preparation for the Annual Inspection starts now!

The real hands-on experience came after Field Ops training and Room Clearing training across Saturday and Sunday. Also on Sunday, the Cadets worked on their marching in a Close Order Drill and they attended a class on Persuasion and Cooperation Skills.

The cadets finished the weekend with a Civil Affairs Exercise and another rousing Sailor's Creed.


The highlight of the weekend was seeing League Cadet Montes standing in front of her Company with the Petty Officers and the Adult Officer staff as she recited the Sailor's Creed for her teammates, solo, earning a Division Mask!


We would like to recognize PO3/LC4 Burkut for his promotion to Petty Officer - from Recruit to Petty Officer in one year - great work and accomplishment!


This week, we also introduced a new Adult Officer, Annette Rodriguez, who will be partnering with her husband, OO Jason Rodriguez to lead the Petty Officers and the Cadets through Operations. Meet our amazing leadership team!

It is amazing for the cadets to learn Operations from their XO, an active duty Petty Officer in the US Navy, and their OOs, US Marine, and Army Veterans, who can provide the authentic instruction that will continue to enhance the Cadet experience and development.


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