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Virtual Opportunities

As our world rapidly changes we have no other choice but to adjust and move forward. We created this page to help you find alternate opportunities for advancements to aid you to continue to grow no matter what.  

PRT (physical readiness test)

1. Watch this video
2. Download and Print

Download and print this document. It includes PRT standards, guidance, and verification form. The test will have to be observed and documented by a grownup. 

When completed, email your PRT to INST Kathleen Root

Ready to Advance to the next level?

Parents can now proctor cadet exams at home. However, exams will still need to be assigned in NOTS by the unit.

If you ready to advance, download your next course work here, fill the answer sheet, and email it to the CO. 

Commanding Officer will notify you when the exam is assigned. Access the exam center on homeport and take the exam.


Virtual Training Prerequisite

Everifi Ignition New.png

As a prerequisite for any virtual training, League Cadets and Sea Cadets are required to take a free online course on Digital Wellness and Safety.


The course is made up of six lessons that (in total) take about 2-3 hours. The courses do not have
to be taken all at once. Access the course here.

This Step-by-Step Guide will help you to Register, Take, and Obtain the Online “Ignition *NEW*: Digital Wellness & Safety” Certificate. 

Virtual Training Options

Visit Online Training Command to discover virtual courses provided entirely online and meet the requirements of advanced training when successfully completed. Review eligibility requirements. To see more details go to Homeport >> Training >> Training List or click on the Homeport button.

Review SCVA: UNIT ENRICHMENT OPS for Virtual Academy Course Catalogue, event calendar, 3D models, WORLD OF WARSHIPS.

Real Sailors, Real Sea Stories Webinar Series

COVID-19 page -  links to all COVID-19 related information including past emails, webinars, updated forms, and the Sea Cadet Virtual Academy.

Cadet Teen Mental Health Webinar 

For any questions and problems, please contact INST Kathleen Root and INST Jeff Janek.

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