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STEM  Club

USNSCC 9-1-1 Division is proud to present the STEM Club. 


Our STEM Club has been founded in 2020 by INST Jim Head and is hosted in a professional woodworking shop monthly, from November through April.

Participating cadets work in small groups on a variety of hands-on projects under supervision of an engineer with a lifetime of experience. The team meets outside of regular drills and competes in the annual Seaperch competition.


How we Train

Our STEM Club meets once a month, November through April outside of the scheduled drills at the location in Vernon Hills and hosted by INST Jim Head.


November through March the team works on assembling an underwater seaperch kit. An assembled underwater robot has to go through rigorous tests before it is able to compete in the SeaPerch Competition.

March-April of 2023 will be dedicated to drone manipulation.

How to Join

You must be an active League Cadet or a Sea Cadet,  and be a graduate of the Indoc Company with the Sea Cadet 9-1-1 Division.

The club is open to join in the Fall.

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