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Marksmanship  Team

NSCC Trident Origins Marksmanship Team is an invitation-only team that is a part of the Scholastic Action Shooting Program. The Scholastic Action Shooting Program provides student-athletes with a supportive environment where shooting sports serve as catalysts for teaching life lessons and skills that emphasize positive character traits and citizenship values.

NSCC Trident Origins

The NSCC Traident Origins is a 501(c)(3) educational-athletic organization dedicated to providing shooting-sports education and opportunities to school-age youths around the United States to encourage young athletes' personal growth and development.


Learn more about the scholastic shooting program


Support us by making charitable donations or by shopping on and searching for Trident Origins Division 911 under charities.

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How we Train

Our Marksmanship team meets several times a month outside of the scheduled drills for marksmanship practices to sharpen their skills and prepare for the competition.

During the competition season, the team travels to the competitions locally and nationally to compete against other SASP teams. The team also participates in the virtual competitions

How to Join

You must be an active Sea Cadet, age 13+, and be a graduate of the Indoc Company with the Sea Cadet 9-1-1 Division.

We host open tryouts for the team twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the winter.

The membership requires an additional annual fee of $100 that covers SASP fees and a team jersey.

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