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March 2022 Drill: Annual Inspection

During the March drill, on Saturday, our unit welcomed a group of new recruits and visitors to the drill. There were 11 new recruits and visitors present at the drill. The new Indoc unit learned about Military language, Basic facing movement, hygiene, and grooming


CTM1 Dpnbullion and ABF2 Dewberry joined the unit as guest instructors to teach cadets how to be better at the PRT. They also organized physical activities for the division

CTM1 and ABF2 also shared the Navy experience with cadets.

After that CAPT Adams joined the unit to share the insights of the NROTC with the unit.

After lunch chow cadets, practiced marching, shoe shining, and uniform ironing during the breakout sessions.

On Sunday, the Indoc Company studies Sailor Creed, Reporting to the quarterdeck, Standing in formation, and demonstrating practiced knowledge of basic drill movement, military bearing, and instilling discipline.

Other cadets worked on the PRT prep. After that unit was joined by guest speakers - ICC Pontrelli, LCD Knight, and CDR Sass.

After the Lunch Chow, the Division changed and got ready for the Annual Inspection. LTJG Tony Sawyer, the Assistant Regional Director, Region 9-1, inspected the unit. This was our first annual inspection since the fall of 2019. The regional team visited our unit and inspected cadets' appearance on dress blue uniforms. Some of the misses included missing name tags and improperly fitting uniform, but overall the unit did a great job with the uniform wearing and handling.

Chief Julie Proa lead the Chief pinning ceremony of the CLPO Nathan Rastovac.

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