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Meet the Class of 2022: Hugh Frampton

My name is Hugh Frampton, I’m from Lake Zurich, and I attended Lake Zurich High School. I’ve grown up playing many sports but I primarily played soccer through my Sophomore Year. I joined the Sea Cadets in 8th Grade.

Most Memorable Training

My most memorable training would be my scuba diving certification training. It took place on a small 42’ ship on Lake Saint Claire. I decided to apply for this training because it was something I wanted to try all throughout my life and Sea Cadets gave me that opportunity. The most challenging part of this training was the extremely cold water we had to swim in. Due to the nature of swimming in the midwest, we had to endure the cold water that came with it, which forced us to be more attentive to our safety while training. The most memorable part of the training was the people that I got to train with, the people you meet within the program across the country are what make the program so enjoyable.

Where to next?

After I graduate I plan to attend Montana State University and major in Computer Science. I plan to achieve a good career in the field of software development and explore the nature of Montana.

Five things about you

  1. I have played soccer since I was in my diapers.

  2. I play in the marching band drumline and have led the drumline for about two years.

  3. I have been programming/coding for almost six years.

  4. I play drums for a Jazz Band

  5. I skied with my dad for the past 5 years, mainly during spring break.

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