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Meet the Class of 2023: Douglas Head

I am Douglas Head. I was born in Decatur, Illinois, and I live in Vernon Hills. I attend Vernon Hills high school and play varsity football as well as Junior Varsity football. I was in a youth Hockey League in Middle school. Since I joined the Sea Cadets in 2016, I have been interested in football and weightlifting.

Most Memorable Training

For me it was attending Boot camp, I learned a lot about being responsible, following directions, and helping others achieve a common team goal. The challenge I had was not to become sick, as there were many cadets with COVID symptoms. I managed to stay healthy and graduate. I enjoyed the companionship and company of my friends there.

Where to next?

I plan to attend a technical trade school and become an ASME-certified automotive technician. I hope to be attending UTI technical institute in Florida after graduation.

Five things you probably don’t know about SN Douglas Head

  1. I speak fluent Spanish

  2. I enjoy football and weight training..

  3. I know a lot about automobiles and engines.

  4. I wear size 13 shoes.

  5. Both my parents are Engineers, Dad - Electrical, Mom - Mechanical.


What is your feedback on the Naval Sea Cadet Program?

It is an excellent program for Middle School and High School students. They stress learning, self-confidence, and practical knowledge.

When do you think is the right time to join?

Our son joined the League Cadets when he was in Middle School. It worked out well for us.

What would you tell parents considering the Naval Sea Cadet program for their children?

I encourage parents to send their son or daughter to a drill weekend to learn more.

I believe that it is a great program for young adults.

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