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October 2022 Drill

October drill took place on October 8-9.

On Saturday cadets started by making up PRT or participating in the regular PT. After the dress blues uniform inspection cadets listened to cadets Lake and Davis-Wooten share their experience at the Field Ops training last summer while leadership met for a regular leadership school meeting.

In the afternoon cadets went through the safety brief in the anticipation of their trip to the range on Sunday. They also practiced their marching skills and practice riffle handling.

On Sunday the division met at the County Line Riffle club in Racine, WI for a day of pistol practice and qualification.

The activities were broken into five stations - regular cadet activities, laser pistol skill station, Ammo loading, station, and a firing lane station.

While at the laser gun station cadets identified their dominant eye, practiced their stance, and practiced shooting using SIRT laser pistols.

The loading station gave them skills on magazine loading, and the firing lane allowed them to put their skills to the test.

After that cadets joined the regular activities station that included team building activities.

In the afternoon, each cadet participated in the pistol qualifications and some earned a Sharpshooter or Expert Award.

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