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Dress Uniform

​Service Dress Whites

Service Dress Whites.jpeg

Summer Dress Whites: Machine wash or dry clean. Never use bleach as this will turn the fabric yellow. When ironing, turn the garment inside out and use a pressing cloth (a pillow case is fine). A hot iron used directly on the uniform will burn the fabric as it is polyester. This uniform should be stored on a sturdy wooden hanger inside out to preserve the creases.

​Service Dress Blues

Service Dress Blues.jpeg

Service Dress Blues: DRY CLEAN ONLY!!! – They are wool. NEVER put it in the washing machine. This uniform should be stored on a sturdy wooden hanger inside out to preserve the creases. Ask the dry cleaner for a “military crease.” If they don’t know what that is – find a dry cleaner who does. Always check your uniform to make sure it is pressed correctly before you pay and leave the dry cleaners.

Pants: Press inside out creating creases on the SIDES only. When you turn them right side out there are NO CREASES down the FRONT, only side creases going “inboard.”


Jumper: Press the front of the jumper with the center crease going “out-board” like the point of an arrow. The back of the jumper should be pressed with a center crease going “in-board.” Think of the prow of a ship or being shot with an arrow from the back to the front. That is how the creases should be pressed.


Flap of the Jumper: Needs three (3) creases going “out-board.” The center crease should be in the middle of the flap. The other two (2) creases should be equal distances from the center crease.


“Railroad Tracks”: These occur when the old crease is not pressed out completely and another crease is placed near the old one. This creates a “railroad tracks” effect. Example =============. This is an automatic “gig” against the cadet.


Pressing Cloth: If you have “railroad tracks” on your uniform, spray your uniform with clean water and place a pressing cloth (pillow case is fine) on top, and use high heat from an iron to press flat. Once the old crease is removed, you may press the new crease into the uniform.


White “Dixie Cup” Cover: Soak in a bucket of OxyClean for two days. Make sure the cover is completely submerged. Machine wash. Air dry by reshaping the cover on an upside-down bowl. Store in a zip lock bag with your name on it.


Black Neckerchief: Get the neckerchief soaking wet and spread out on an ironing board. Don’t wring out the neckerchief, just let the water drip on the floor. Move a hot iron quickly over the neckerchief. They are polyester and will burn easily. You can use a pressing cloth. DO NOT use spray starch. It makes the neckerchief too stiff.


PATCHES: Dress Uniform

Service Dress Whites - dress whites.jpeg
Service Dress Whites - dress whites 2.jpg



Blouse Right Sleeve requires:

  1. Sea Cadet Shoulder Flash or chevron

  2. Rating Badge 

Blouse Left Sleeve requires:

  1. Sea Cadet Shoulder Flash

  2. Unit Tape

NOTE when placing shoulder flashes, eagles should always look forward



Right Sleeve should have chevron

Left sleeve should have a shoulder flash

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