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Guide to Footwear


We issue second-hand footwear like boots and shoes with the exception of the odd sizes. However, if you decide to buy your own footwear, please use these recommendations

Dress Shoes

Black Leather Dress Oxford Shoes: Shoes must have laces, no seam on the toe, and be polishable. Absolutely NO CORFRAMS (patent leather shoes). Shoes can be purchased from military supply stores, Sears, JC Penny or on-line. If purchasing Bates shoes, Bates Lites are more comfortable.

Dress Shoes.jpg

An example of male dress shoes. An example of female dress shoes. - especially for smaller sizes


Black Boots

Cadets will need a pair of short or mid-calf boots. They must have laces. The zipper on the inside is okay. They may be purchased from a variety of stores or online. Some online sources include - especially for smaller sizes

Big 5 Sporting Goods

Black Boots.jpg
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