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May 2023 Drill

May 13-14 was the unit’s Graduation drill of the year.

All families were invited to attend the ceremony and the potluck.

CLICK HERE to download the official Graduation photo

The event started with the color guard unit posting colors

The INDOC has graduated from their trial and has joined the ranks of the SEA CADETS and LEAGUE CADETS

Here is the list of nominations:


SA Arquero, Javelin

SA Burkut, Eugene

SN Davis-Wooten, Marcus

SA Patil, Aayushee

SA Patil, Roohee

SA Shattuck, Aaron

SA Soule, Peterson


Made Petty Officer:

PO1 Burkut, Elise

PO2 Orloff, Joseph

PO3 Genet, Nico

PO3 Lacey, Euan

PO3 Lake, Christopher

PO3 Leyden, Abigail

PO3 Proa, Daniel

PO3 Proa, Joeseph

LC PO2 Emery, Thomas

LC PO3 Obioha, Chijindu

PO1 Burkut read the Petty Officer Creed

100% Attendance - “A” for the ribbon

SA Arquero, Javelin

SN Davis-Wooten, Marcus

SA-T Emery, Thomas

PO3 Leyden, Abigail

PO3 Proa, Daniel

PO3 Proa, Joeseph

Recruit Orientation and INDOC LEADERS

SA Soule

PO1 Burkut

PO3 Leyden

PO3 Lacey

SN Yates

SN Davis

PO3 Genet

PO3 Proa D

PO3 Proa J

VFW - Veterans of Foreign Wars Award

PO3 Daniel Proa

Awards NLUS Theodore Roosevelt

SC: PO3 Joeseph Proa

LC: Cadet Obioha

Daughter of the American Revolution

PO3 Abigail Leyden

MANY ADULT VOLUNTEERS have also been recognized

On Sunday, unit cadets worked on getting ready for summer training.

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