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April 2022 Drill: Marksmanship Qualification


The April drill included working dealing with dress whites issues, PRT makeup, and safety brief in the anticipation of the rifle/pistol qualification on Sunday.

On Saturday cadets worked on Assembling a Seabag Marching Color Guard practice in the afternoon the unit covered: Safety Brief Military Squad formation for the Indoc, military bearing, and discipline for the Indoc, General orders for the Indoc. Addressing Petty Officers and officers’ expectations for the Indoc, Conduct a Sea Cadet in and out of the drill for the Indoc, Meanwhile, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie: Practiced Stance for rifle and pistol Refreshed Range Commands

On Sunday the Division met at the Racine County Line Rifle Club, where the following took place:

Safety Brief Range Commands Proper Stance for Rifle and Pistol Practice target shooting SASP Marksmanship Review

After that they took turns Practice target shooting

After lunch, the division participated in Marksmanship Qualification with many qualifying for pistol and rifle.

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