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April Drill Recap

It was exciting as I was to see the Cadets in full force this weekend. Seeing the three Companies attend together Saturday and Sunday reminded me of the "good old days", pre-COVID-19.

This weekend, we welcomed a new Training Officer (TO), Chief Julie Proa. Chief Proa is an active duty corpsman and Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy and a new Division Officer (DIVO),INST Roosevelt Smallwood, also an active duty and security Petty Officer in the US Navy. We are honored for them to join our staff and help me fulfill my vision to surround your Cadets with the very best instructors in US Navy decorum and bearing.

Saturday was a challenging day for the Cadets with the PRT, but they did a great job. All Cadets achieved results that qualify them for Summer Training.

We even had a spectacular performance fromSAT Rand, who ran the mile in 5:43. That must be a record for Nine One One Division. We also had many cadets achieve their Physical Fitness Ribbon with a "Good" overall result and a couple achieved "Excellent" results for the PRT, earning an E for their Ribbon. Congratulations / Bravo Zulu to the following Cadets who achieved "Good and Excellent" and earned a Ribbon and/or a Device:

Ribbon and/or E Device:

SN Janek (m) - Excellent

SAT Rand - Excellent

RC Adjei - Good

PO2/LC5 Burkut (m) - Good

ABC/LC3 Canto - Good

PO2 Frampton - Good

SR Piccard - Good

SAT Van Dermeir - Good

Bravo Zulu!

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