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Change of Command

Last Sunday the Change of Command Ceremony took place for our unit.

During the Change of Command Ceremony, we had the opportunity to recognize a very hardworking 10-year-old Cadet, Cadet Montes, who we were very proud to recognize with a division t-shirt and a division challenge coin for her hard work. Cadet Montes is transferring to another Division in San Diego and her smile and hard work ethic will be missed.

We were so happy that our Regional Director, LCDR Glaysher was in attendance to see the amazing achievements of our Cadets. He said to me many times during our debrief that most of the over 400 Cadet Divisions across the country struggled during COVID-19, but Nine One One Division "Thrived." Thanks to the parents and the Cadets for their commitment to the Division!

We also welcomed the former State President of the Navy League, Ted Rock, and the current President of the Navy League, Larry Sassorossi. They came to present the Theodore Roosevelt Award for the outstanding achievements of two Cadets from 2019 and three Cadets from 2020:

Navy League Theodore Roosevelt Award Winners:

2019 - PO1 Harris and SN Janek (m)

2020 - PO2 Rastovac, PO2/LC5 Burkut (m) and PO3/LC4 Root

Lastly, we celebrated our friend, leader and mentor Executive Officer (XO), ENS Kathleen Root. XO Root was awarded this year with a Commendation Ribbon for her commitment to the excellence of our Division.

Behind the scenes, she was responsible for renovating our drill space at Naval Station Great Lakes, she was instrumental in uniform change from Type 2 to Type 3, Dress Blues and Dress Whites, and she spent countless hours preparing for drills and has been my trusted partner for the last year and a half. When you look around in the future, you will see her impact on the success of our Division and she will be missed.

Replacing ENS Root will be XO Jason Rodriguez. XO Rodriguez has worked with XO Root for the last 6 months and he is equipped to take the baton and run with it. He and his Wife, OO Annette Rodriguez will make a great leadership team for our Cadets!

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