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Meet the Class of 2020: Blayz Schultz

Cadet Schultz attended Warren Township High School in Grayslake, IL, and plans on enlisting in the Navy/Marines

Tell us a little about yourself?

My Name is Blayz Schultz and I am from Grayslake, IL and attended Warren Township High school. During my school years I have acquired my Deputy 1 belt in Tae Kwon Do and I have also been on the Cross Country and Track Team in High school.

My most memorable training was boot camp. I applied to this training because I had to do boot camp before any other training. The training took place two years ago. The number one challenge was waking up really early and getting right to work.

I learned a lot in boot camp, such as how to properly be in military bearing, the general orders and the rankings. Boot camp is a memorable experience because you learn the basics to a lot of things you need to be in the navy. I would recommend going to boot camp if you want to be able to go to other training and if you want to get to know about the navy.

Where to now?

Once I graduate High school I plan on joining the Navy and/or Marines.

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