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December 2022 Drill

In this last drill of 2022, our unit continued to learn about Aviation. It was also our first full drill back at the Great Lake Naval Base since February 2020.

Sea Cadets learned the Basics of Aviation and practiced using plotters and maps.

League cadets learned everything there was to know about paper airplanes - different types to make them faster or stay in the air longer. They competed for the furthest-flying airplane and also assembled an airplane launcher.

League cadets also built a glider and launched it in the hangar.

All cadets planning to attend winter trainings had their sea bags checked according to their seabag lists required for the training. Unit cadets will attend League Orientation, Recruit Training, and POLA over winter break.

In the afternoon, cadets practiced marching and doing simple drill operations.

They also continued flying drones in a hangar, and mastered simple obstacle courses.

As a part of this drill, SR Shattuck and SA-T Arquera lead presentations on the Types of Airplanes and Missions of Aviation.

At the end of the Sunday drill, the unit hosted The White Elephant Gift Exchange.

BRAVO ZULU to the INDOC company on their graduation!

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