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Elgin High School Homecoming Game

Division 911 Color Guard Team was invited to attend the homecoming game of Elgin High School.

The color guard team this time consisted of:

  • SN Elise Burkut

  • SA Joseph Orloff

  • APC Daniel Proa

  • RC Joseph Proa

Seaman Apprentice Orloff, who is a student of this school reach out to the school administration and inquired if they would be interested in color guard details for their event.

This was a second public appearance for our color guard team and the cadets were incredibly excited to be a part of the homecoming game.

The Elgin varsity football team won their home conference game against West Chicago (IL) by a score of 41-0.

Elgin High School, or EHS, is a public four-year high school located in Elgin, Illinois, 40 mi. northwest of Chicago. It is part of Elgin Area School District U46

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