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February 2023 Drill

We started the Disaster Management Quarter. All attendees got certified in the "You Are The Help Until Help Arrives" FEMA training course led by the PO3 Orloff.

They also learned how to transport wounded people (thank you SA Burkut and SA-T Emery, for their assistance)

On Sunday, PO2 Burkut led Shipboard Egress Training, which showed how fast cadets could get off the ship in the dark in an emergency.

PO3 Lacey lead the Escape Plan presentation teaching the unit on how to create the escape plan

Cadets also had a working party drill to teach them the importance of rapid response in disaster recovery.

The league cadets assembled wooden fidgets and Stomp Rockets.

Our dress uniform inspection was completed by the LTJG Brian Dolat (USN).

INST Jim Head provided his famous Cowboy chili for lunch on Saturday, and AUX Jan Gilmartin organized lunches on both days.

Also, Milwaukee Cruiser cadets and staff joined us for lunch chow on Saturday.

Thank you all for a great drill

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