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January 2023 Drill

January drill was the final drill of our aviation quarter and included many exciting activities.

SN Proa and SN Davis-Wooten lead presentations on the topics of: the "Plot Drone Program" as well as “Aviation and Weather."

League cadets worked on assembling a wooden bi-plane on Saturday. On Sunday, they also did some rocket building.

Meanwhile, Sea Cadet companies covered Basics of Aviation modules with the LTJG Dolat. They also spent some time using flight computers, plotters, and maps. In addition, all Sea Cadets had an opportunity to use VR technology to fly a plane.

As always, cadets did some drill practice in the afternoon and got some practice flying drones through an obstacle course.

On Sunday afternoon, all cadets participated in a unit obstacle drone competition. Each team of two cadets (randomly selected) had to fly a drone through two obstacles and land it in a small area.

SA Arquera and SA Burkut took first place.

Our STEM team is planning to host some Drone operations in the Spring of 2023.

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