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Meet the Class of 2021: Logan Benjamin

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

My name is cadet Benjamin and being a military dependent I have been enrolled at two different high schools - Highland Park High School, and Bedford High School. I have done many sports while growing up including football, soccer, baseball, swimming, water polo, and lacrosse. I was on the swim team and water polo team during my junior year but I am not doing sports my senior year.

Most Memorable Training

My most memorable training would have to be recruit training. I say Recruit Training because although the country, and the Navy has endured so much during this COVID-19 Pandemic the Sea Cadets organization has continued to perservere through these difficult times. It is simply amazing to see the continued dedication, and leadership of the Sea Cadets.

Where to next?

I haven't officially committed to any schools as of now, but i am hopeful for the opportunity to continue my lessons of leadership at the prestigious Coast Guard Academy. I am hoping to achieve a successful career in the United States Coast Guard.

Things Your Might Not Know About Me

Share five things outside of your sea cadet lives fellow cadets don't know about you

  • I do swimming at Highland Park High School and I occasionally bleach my hair.

  • I have moved, and lived in seven states.

  • I very much enjoyed swimming and Water Polo and I would encourage anyone who is a good swimmer to see how you like Water Polo.

  • Before joining the Sea Cadets I was cadet in AFJROTC at Bedford High School.

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