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March 2023 Drill

March Drill

Our March drill took place on 11-12 March of 2023, the first month of our Disaster Management Segment. Cadets met on Saturday at the Coast Guard Station in Kenosha, WI. BM1 Amanda Scott opened the drill with the Introduction of the Station and Staff. Morning activities included a Culinary presentation by CSl Philips, as well as presentations and activities by BM3 Spencer and BM3 Holloway.

In the afternoon, cadets toured the Coast Guard Station and several Coast Guard boats and learned much about how a coast guard station operates.

Cadets also learned about Coast Guard basic training from SN Nionakis and completed the day learning about different knots.

The unit met on Sunday at the Great Lakes Naval Station in Great Lakes, IL. Previously scheduled PRT had to be canceled because of the freezing conditions. Sea Cadets listened to the cadet lead presentation by PO3 Proa about Maritime Interdiction Operations Situational Awareness and Conflict De-escalating training.

At the same time, league cadets learned about Stem and electricity by powering up a lightbulb using a variety of vegetables and understanding that not every vegetable produces the same amount of electricity. They also used LC: Solar Powered Robot Operations.

The entire unit continued the drill with Marching and Drill Practice.

In the afternoon, ICC Frank Pontrelli (USN) hosted VBSS - Visiting Boarding Search and Seizure Training.

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