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Meet Petty Officer Frampton

How old Were you when you joined the US Naval Sea Cadet or League Cadet corps? I was about 13

Why did you join US Naval Sea Cadets?

I joined the Cadets to get a general idea of what military life would be like and how I would like it.

What do you like most about US Naval Sea Cadets?

The things I like the most about the cadets are the people surrounding it. Whether it’s my fellow petty officers, command staff, or anyone else, they’re all disciplined, respectful, and fun to be around.

What would you tell prospective Recruit Cadets and their Parents about Division Nine One One?

Divisions Nine One One focuses on development of individual character through hard work and good times between like minded people. We’re all here to become better versions of ourself with the help from others whilst having fun.

What is the next advancement you are working toward and why?

I am working towards becoming Petty Officer Second Class, to improve me skills as a leader and extend that leadership to the division.

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