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Meet Petty Officer Harris

How old Were you when you joined the US Naval Sea Cadet or League Cadet corps?

I started off as a league cadet at age 12 and have since moved on to the Sea Cadets.

Why did you join US Naval Sea Cadets?

I joined the Sea Cadets for the many opportunities it offered to explore a career in the United States Armed Services and to gain leadership experience.

What do you like most about US Naval Sea Cadets? What I like most a

bout the Sea Cadets is that there is truly a place for everyone, no matter what you are interested in. As a Cadet you have the opportunity to attend summer training ranging from SCUBA certification, Marine Corps Field Operations, and even the ability to train with Naval Special Warfare. You can even participate in culinary, public safety, and leadership training. Whatever your interests are, the Sea Cadets have it.

What would you tell prospective Recruit Cadets and their Parents about Division Nine One One?

Division 9-1-1 has a unique history as being the first Sea Cadet Division established in the United States. It's a legacy that sets us apart from others and as cadets we are proud to carry on the Division's heritage. Division 9-1-1 also runs out of Naval Station Great Lakes in North Chicago and allows us many different training opportunities both on and off base.

What is the next advancement you are working toward and why?

The next advancement I am currently working on is achieving the rank of Chief Petty Officer. Since I first started out as a Cadet I have been determined to work my way up the ranks and help others get the same exciting and memorable experiences that I have had out of the Sea Cadet program. I also believe that my experience as a leader will further help me in my future career goals both in and out of the military.

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1 Comment

Mike Ferguson
Mike Ferguson
Mar 06, 2021

I was the commanding officer of Division 911 from 1984-1986 While I was stationed at the Naval Reserve Center, Great Lakes. Great teams of Both Sea AND League Cadets. Mike Ferguson, LT, USN (Ret)/LCDR, USNSCC.

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