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Meet Petty Officer Root

How old Were you when you joined the US Naval Sea Cadet or League Cadet corps?

I was 10 when I first joined in 5th grade

Why did you join the US Naval Sea Cadets?

I join the US Navel sea cadet Corp because I want to get a lot of experience. My goal is to pass boot camp so I can be a MA (A MA means Master at Arms) in the Navy and be ready to be successful

What do you like most about US Naval sea cadet corps? What I like about the sea cadet corps is going to trainings and them teaching us military skills to be ready for the military

What would you tell prospective Recruit Cadets and their Parents about Division Nine One One?

I would tell people to join division 911 because they teach us about military skills so your ready to be in the military and we all have fun and there is different types of people with different types of experience to bring to the table

What is the next advancement you are working toward and why?

I am working toward PO2 because I want to try to be a leading petty officer for league cadets.

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