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Meet the Class of 2023: Jesse Yates

My name is Jesse Yates and my home town is Baton Rouge, LA. I moved to Janesville WI in Jan 2022 but joined the Sea Cadet program in Feb 2021. I did not play sports, I was involved in the JROTC programs instead.

Most Memorable Training

My favorite was in the Summer of 2022 with the Baton Rouge division at Camp Shelby in Mississippi. This was a field ops with marksmanship, land navigation, building clearing, room clearing, and small squad tactics. The Army lent us Miles Gear to use in our land navigation in are building a room clearing exercises which made the training more challenging.

Where to next?

I'm trying to decide between working for the Fire Department or possibly going to the Coast Guard culinary specialist.

3 things about you

  • I'm lazy and like to stay in bed.

  • I help around the house.

  • I'm about to graduate school


What is your feedback on the Naval Sea Cadet Program?

My opinion is a little biased as I am the XO of the Division, but I think this is the best Youth Program going.

When do you think is the right time to join?

That would depend upon the child, their maturity level for their age has a lot to do with whether they can handle the program. Sometimes they have to wait till later in their teens.

What would you tell parents considering the Naval Sea Cadet program for their children?

Stop considering and enroll your child and consider signing up yourself, you will be amazed at how much you get out of it also.

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