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November 2020 Drill Recap

Another exciting drill this weekend. The Cadets braved the freezing cold and rain to learn land navigation and challenged their skills, while demonstrating perseverance and adaptability in an Orienteering challenge.

INST Sisson and OO Rodriguez started the weekend on Saturday with the basics of map reading and direction finding using a compass. Cadets combined classroom learning and practical land navigation during Drill on Saturday.

On Sunday, the Cadet's education, stamina and perseverance were put to the test in the Independence Grove Forest Preserve. Cadets were briefed on the orienteering exercise, broken into small squads and were equipped with maps and compases and challenged to find locations in the park that tested their ability to read a map, to shoot an azimuth at a direction and follow their path and to return safely to the command post.

INST Sisson prepared the cadets for each of the training evolutions and all Squads in all Companies successfully completed their Orienteering Challenge with excellence.


We also had some key milestones achieved this weekend - Bravo Zulu!:

Cadet Weinholtz led his company in the Sailor's Creed, earning a Division Mask


PO3/LC4 Root was promoted to Petty Officer!


I would also like to take this opportunity to recognize the hard work of the following Cadets who earned advancements since we started in October - Bravo Zulu!:

  • APC Lacey - Apprentice Cadet, LC2

  • APC Wicklein - Apprentice Cadet, LC2

  • APC Canto (m) - Apprentice Cadet, LC2

  • SR Burkut - Seaman Recruit

  • SR Sisson - Seaman Recruit

  • SA-T Janek (m) - Seaman Apprentice, E2

  • SA-T Rand - Seaman Apprentice, E2

  • SA-T Phillips - Seaman Apprentice, E2

  • SA-T Benjamin - Seaman Apprentice, E2

  • SN Ramirez - Seaman, E3

Nine One One Division is thriving, in spite of the challenges with COVID-19. We achieved an impressive 97% attendance at drill this weekend and have promoted 38% of the Cadets, demonstrating our Cadet commitment to their growth and development.

Our first priority is the safety and health of the Cadets and the Officer Staff and Cadets are demonstrating strong discipline with COVID-19 intake protocols, wearing their masks and wearing their cold weather gear.


CO Janek

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