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How old Were you when you joined the US Naval Sea Cadet or League Cadet corps?   I was 10 years old and joined as a US Naval League Cadet Why did you join US Naval Sea Cadets? I want to be an officer in the US Navy, after college, and maybe a Naval Aviator.  The US Naval Sea Cadets have started preparing me now, to reach this dream.  Fun Fact - 10% of the new Midshipmen at the US Naval Academy come from the US Naval Sea Cadets.  What do you like most about US Naval Sea Cadets? This program rewards effort with rank, awards and devices, just like the US Navy.  You can go as far as you want, if you put in the work.  It challenges me to grow and get off the couch. What would you tell prospective Recruit Cadets and their Parents about Division Nine One One?

Don't wait.  Get in while you are young, so you can learn the basics and be squared away by the time you promote to Sea Cadet.  The earlier you start, the more you can achieve and the more Advanced Training you can attend.

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