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How old Were you when you joined the US Naval Sea Cadet or League Cadet corps?   I was 12 years old and joined as a US Naval League Cadet Why did you join US Naval Sea Cadets? My brother was a Cub Scout, when he was younger and I liked what the boys were doing.  However, I had no interest in joining Girl Scouts and baking cookies, so asked my Dad to find an organization where boys and girls are equal and do the same cool things.  My Dad found the US Naval Sea Cadets and the rest is history. What do you like most about US Naval Sea Cadets? Advanced Training opportunities.  I have attended several Advanced trainings and have been challenged both mentally and physically.  I also love the community service. What would you tell prospective Recruit Cadets and their Parents about Division Nine One One?

If you are tired of sitting in front of the X-Box and being cooped up in the house, all the time and you have the initiative to challenge yourself to grow into a future leader, join our team and we will help you reach your full potential.

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