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Visiting USS Cobia

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

For the December monthly drill USNSCC Division 9-1-1 attended USS Cobia museum in Manitowoc, WI. There, the unit joined Cobia Division for a combined drill and a Christmas Party.

Our cadets toured USS Cobia and learned a lot about the history of this submarine. They also visited the museum. The entire unit also got to sleep on the submarine. Cadets took turns holding night watch and keeping the log.

At this Drill we also performed the graduation ceremony for the Indoc Company cadets. These cadets will now join Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie company. 9-1-1 Division will have a new indoc company starting January of 2022.

Cadets who join the Indoc company are the brand new recruits that will spend three months learning the basics of the USNSCC and sea cadet lives before the graduate this preparatory company.

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