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What to Look Forward: November Drill

The cadets are in for an exciting drill weekend in November. INST Sisson is preparing for a course in Land Navigation and Orienteering.

Land Navigation and Orienteering

Land navigation is making your way across the land, using various tools (map, compass, sun). Orienteering is a cross-country race in which participants navigate between checkpoints along a specified course (unfamiliar course, generally) using a map and compass.

Saturday will be dedicated to the class and hands-on training in Land Navigation and on Sunday, the Companies will all be together using all the Land Navigation skills they learned on Saturday and will compete in an Orienteering exercise full of challenges and problem solving to reach the Division flag first and claim victory for their Company.

Phase II Local Recruit Training

Also in November, we will start Phase II Local Recruit Training for three Sea Cadets and Navy League Orientation for one League Cadet.

This Summer, due to COVID-19, we had four cadets attend Recruit Training and Navy League Orientation Phase I, virtually, and to fulfill their requirement, we have been approved by National Headquarters to perform the Phase II during drill weekends from November to February.

This will provide the opportunity for these cadets to qualify for the promotion and also attend Advanced training in the Summer.

Winter Training

We are also looking for an opportunity to host a Phase I and Phase II Recruit and Navy League Orientation Training for all our new cadets this Winter. Stay tuned for updates.

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